Slide on snow has never been so FUNNY.

Let’s discover with our instructors this terrific sport!

An amazing experience to safely improve your abilities.

The snow, as you’ve never tasted it, will leave you wondered.

Our School organizes every week 15h courses for each level, from heals sidesliping to doing tricks in the Buffaure Snowpark.

Come to live a mind blowing experience!

Minimum age required for snowboard courses is 8 years old.

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Scuola Sci Vajolet Pozza

Piaza de Sen Nicolò 3
38036 Pozza di Fassa TN

+39 0462 763309

[email protected]

part. IVA 00319160222


tutte le domeniche continuato
dalle 8.30 alle 18.30

restante periodo
dalle ore 8:30 alle 12:30
e dalle 15:00 alle 18:30

Chiuso dal 07.04 al 01.12

Ufficio Buffaure monte

da lunedì a domenica
dalle 9.30 alle 12.00
e dalle 13.30 alle 15.30

solo dalle ore 9:30 alle 12:30

Ufficio Fraine

da lunedì a domenica
dalle 9.30 alle 15.30