Baby Park Buffaure

Dear Guests

The Vajolet Pozza ski school awaits you with tailor-made programs where all children can learn to ski in the school field in absolute safety and tranquility in a reserved area within the “Salvan” school field located upstream of the buffaure.

The school camp is located in a sunny ski area where specialized instructors await the youngest children, aged 3 and 4, to teach them the basics of skiing with dedicated courses.

We also offer the possibility of purchasing a single “trial” day to see if the young student likes the new experience!

The pilot program of the ski school week for our very young pupils is as follows:

It starts with dressing the little “Bunnies”, they take their first steps with boots on their feet with the aim of becoming familiar with the new equipment.

We continue with the route without skis to develop the ability to give direction to our feet, then we move on to covering the same route with one ski and finally with both skis, to get familiar with the new equipment.

You try the magic carpet so as not to tire the little skiers and then the first descents searching a dynamic balance, the final aim will be to get open in snowplow to manage the speed.

To regain strength, we offer our young students a pleasant break every day, refreshed by a hot drink and biscuits.

25/12/23 – 08/01/24
12/02/24 – 16/02/24
09/01/24 – 11/02/24
17/02/24 – 24/03/24
KIDS 3 and 4 years € 240.00* (12 ore)
course from 27/12/23 to 01/01/24
course from 02/01/24 to 07/01/24
course from 12/02/24 to 16/02/24
first round 10.00 to 11.50
second round 12.00 to 13.50
afternoon turn 14.00 to 15.50
€ 210.00* (10 ore)
every week from Monday to Friday
first round 10.00 to 11.50
second round 12.00 to 13.50 

*The “bunny” course includes a trial day at a cost of € 60 to see if your child likes this new experience.

When you decide to confirm participation in the entire course, this € 60 will be deducted from the total amount.

Scuola Sci Vajolet Pozza

Piaza de Sen Nicolò 3
38036 Pozza di Fassa TN

+39 0462 763309

[email protected]

part. IVA 00319160222


tutte le domeniche continuato
dalle 8.30 alle 18.30

restante periodo
dalle ore 8:30 alle 12:30
e dalle 15:00 alle 18:30

Chiuso dal 07.04 al 01.12

Ufficio Buffaure monte

da lunedì a domenica
dalle 9.30 alle 12.00
e dalle 13.30 alle 15.30

solo dalle ore 9:30 alle 12:30