Accompanied skiing

Vajolet Ski School instructors are available to organize and accompany small groups on the various splendid routes through the Dolomites.

One famous example is the “Sella Ronda”, but also lots of other trails, well-known for their views and for the variety of slopes and places to lead you through.


For more expert skiers, we offer freeride trips accompanied by specialized ski instructors.

Nordic skiing

For those who love this type of skiing, Vajolet Ski School instructors will teach you the techniques for moving along trails set among the natural beauties of the Valle di Fassa.

We are right in the centre of the famous Marcialonga route.

When the beautiful cross-country circuit is lit up, real enthusiasts can enjoy a fairy-tale atmosphere.


Telemark isn’t a new discipline, on the contrary, it’s one of the earliest known skiing techniques.

It came into existence in Norway, where shepherds used to go downhill with two wooden boards on their feet, towards the ancient capital, Cristiania.

Because of the harmony in the movements and the bending of the knee of the inside leg, this technique was also known as “angel in flight technique”.

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