Let’s discover the best-known ski routes of the Dolomites

If you want to spend unforgettable days surrounded by the Dolomites…our instructors are ready to accompany you! They will guide you to discover the landscape and the history of our favourite places. An example: the famous Sella Ronda Tour, with the possibility of starting it directly from Buffaure and spending a day in the most impressive Dolomite valleys.


Do you like adventure? Then, there’s nothing better than going powder skiing right after a snow fall! Adventure lovers will be accompanied by our instructors specialised in this discipline.


If you prefer tranquillity, you have chosen the right sport! Our instructors will teach you the right technique to move along itineraries surrounded by the nature and the beauty of the Val di Fassa, with the possibility of skiing on the famous Marcialonga slope.


Telemark, between history and innovation! This discipline was the pioneer of skiing, the first technique ever: it originated in Norway, where it is said that shepherds used to descend the valley with two wooden planks on their feet, towards Christiania, the capital city at the time. Recently rediscovered in Italy as well, it is becoming increasingly popular and loved.  Given the harmony of the movements and the bending of the knee of the inner leg, this technique has also been called the “angel flight technique”.

Ski lessons at night

For those who want to try skiing under the stars, the illuminated Aloch slope is the perfect combination of sport and a fairytale landscape with the aim of increasing their “performance”

Lesson indicated for more advanced levels (parallel skiing) on ​​Wednesday and Friday evenings.

This winter, come and try it yourself!

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