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Thermae Pozza di Fassa


QC Terme Dolomiti, surrounded by a magic landscape, is the perfect combination of peace and harmony of the senses. It offers a new Alpine experience  that focuses on quality of life through the beneficial effects of thermal balneotherapy aimed at restoring  physical and spiritual balance.

In the 3-floor-centre with a total of 4,300 square metres, there are also many swimming pools and outdoor spaces for healthy ‘forest bathing’. Known since ancient times and frequented since the 15th century for their therapeutic and healing powers, the centre uses the precious thermal waters that flow from the natural Alloch spring, the only sulphur spring in Trentino.

Those same regenerating powers to which the locals and notables of the region once entrusted their hopes of healing through the practice of bagn da tof, which in the Ladin language means steam bath, now contribute to the enhancement of well-being and the care of the body and spirit, thanks to their ability to purify the skin, promote relaxation, relax the muscles and relieve the stress of modern life.

Whirlpools and hydro jets

Close your eyes and let yourself be lulled by regenerating whirlpools of all kinds: floor whirlpools to tone the back and buttocks, and hydro jets to stimulate the microcirculation.

Sensory pools and waterfalls

In this wellness oasis, you will find waterfalls to relax your shoulder and back muscles, and more than thirty relaxation practices, including chromo therapy sensory pools, Kneipp path and foot baths.


The regenerating action of the biosauna provides velvety skin, as well as helping to clear the respiratory tract and release muscle tension.

Steam baths

A purifying bath from ancient traditions that uses the beneficial effect of steam on the skin, gently renewing and smoothing it.

The rain falls

Let yourself be surrounded by the liberating and purifying power of the rain. Let the water loosen away all tensions, revitalise body and mind.


Get close, mist and awaken memories, suggestions and unexpected emotions. Each perfume encapsulates a moment, a material, a colour and an element all its own.

Relaxation rooms

In Silence are hidden the most poetic words. Our themed relaxation rooms are the ideal place to relax, read and listen to silence.

Salt room

A corner above the sea in the Dolomites. Relax and breathe deeply: the walls of the salt room help to drain, tone the skin and clear the respiratory tract.

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Scuola Sci Vajolet Pozza

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